Streaming music with Youtube – no official answer from Google…?

I regularly use Youtube to stream music. I don’t always need the videos and am wondering:

Is it possible to only hear the music without the visuals? Toggle on, toggle off?
It would save some bits and bytes and energy…

A black Youtube video screen with text " listening mode"

As I am not a techie, I asked myself: “Is this technically possible?”

So what do you do when you are a non-techie. You ask a smarter friend who knows tech. So I asked Sujoy Kumar Chowdhurry. And it seems it is, according to these blog posts:

What he also told me: There are even a lot of people asking for this feature.

But the most interesting thing about it: there is no official answer from Google.

So why is that? This doesn’t exactly sound like “Follow the user and everything else follows.” When you choose not to answer as a company, it is either not important or not beneficial for the company to answer.

My hypothesis is that it is the second answer, which could have to do with “Follow the business model and everything follows.”

– By only audio streaming Youtube would basically admit that many of its users use the site to listen to music.

This is simple to measure by looking at the active tabs in the browser – hey, Google even owns one :-). This might lead to major rights issues.

– Advertising pricing based on views might take a (small) hit. I haven’t looked up the advertising fee structure, so I might be wrong here.

– And (as somebody in the forum mentioned): Youtube would have to come up with ads with audio, since their users wouldn’t be able to see the ads. Adds up to complexity.

So: it’s not going to happen, I guess…  Google just launched a new music site Magnifier:

What do you think? What did I miss?


2 responses to “Streaming music with Youtube – no official answer from Google…?

  1. Have a look at
    That seems to be a reasonable alternative …

  2. I am so relieved I found this particular post. I have been trying to find this info for a long time now. How can i go about being informed of there are any new posts? I’ve noticed that some blogs provide an rss or something of that nature? Forgive me. Me and computers don’t mix very well.

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